Yalla Cloud Mini

  • Equipped with a 800 mAh battery
  • Provides 10000 puffs per device
  • Equipped with Dual Mesh Coil, Airflow Control & Digital Display
  • Available in a 6 mg Free Base nicotine strength and boasts a selection of 28 mixed fruit and menthol-based flavours.
  • DTL Device

Choose Your Flavour

Cloud Mini


Rich and creamy taste of vanilla custard and
classic tobacco.

Cloud Mini

Blueberry On Ice

Bursting with the juicy flavor of ripe
blueberries, each puff delivers a deliciously fruity
experience that is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Cloud Mini

Blue Sour Raspberry

Blueberries and the tanginess of
raspberries with a hint of sourness.

Cloud Mini

Mix Berries

Combines the nuanced flavor of various
berries, from Blackberry to Strawberry.

Cloud Mini

Double Apple

Fresh Granny Smiths apple with the
after taste of a golden delicious, not overly sweet but not bitter.

Cloud Mini

Gum Mint

Classic bubblegum flavor. It delivers a
perfect balance of sweetness and refreshing mint.

Cloud Mini

Mango Ice

Tropical mango taste with a note of

Cloud Mini

Blackcurrant Ice

Blends aromatic blackcurrant with
crisp mint in perfect harmony.

Cloud Mini

Butter Pecan

Merges the nutty notes of pecan with
rich butter and a hint of sweet vanilla extract.

Cloud Mini

Blue Razz

Combination of blueberry, raspberry, and menthol flavors that creates a unique and refreshing taste that many vapers enjoy

Cloud Mini

Strawberry Grape

Combines sweet strawberry and
complex grape to deliver a true taste explosion.

Cloud Mini

Peach Ice Cream

Taste is similar to peaches, followed
by a menthol aftertaste- refreshing and slightly sweet.

Cloud Mini

Black Ice

Flavor that combines a blackberry essence
with a minty ice.

Cloud Mini

Lemon Lime

Combination of lemon and lime flavors
make for a zesty and refreshing taste.

Cloud Mini

Love 66

Is a mix of watermelon, honeydew melon,
mint and passion fruit.

Cloud Mini

Lemon Mint

A sweet and tart flavor that is balanced
by the coolness of mint.

Cloud Mini

Berry Mint

A refreshing vape jam packed full of
raspberries, strawberries and blackberries.

Cloud Mini

Lush Ice

Cantaloupe melon with sweet citrus notes
from the lychee, for a sweet but pleasurable taste.

Cloud Mini

Oat Cocoa

Lovely, creamy consistency and a rich
taste of cocoa.

Cloud Mini

Dr. Blue

Sweet yet cool blend. It combines blueberry
and huckleberry flavours on the inhale, which are
enhanced by a blast of ice cool menthol on the exhale.

Cloud Mini

Blueberry Cherry Cranberry

Deliciously sweet and
moreish fruit medley, combining the rich and juicy
taste of blueberries, the bold and punchy taste of
cherries, and the tart and tangy punch of cranberries.

Cloud Mini

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

Combines the tangy taste of
kiwi, the sweet allure of passion fruit, and the exotic
essence of guava.

Cloud Mini

Cherry Berry

Sweet and tangy taste from hand-
picked strawberries and raspberries infused with the
aromatic taste of cherries.

Cloud Mini

Grape Mint

Juicy, sweet white grapes are blended in
with a fragrant, slightly cooling mint for a vape that hits
all the right spots.

Cloud Mini

Berry Ice

Taste of blackberries combines in with the
strawberries to create a sweet yet slightly tart fusion.

Cloud Mini

Peach Ice

Light and sweet in equal measure. The
juicy taste of the fruit is present throughout and is
given a cool edge by the menthol.

Cloud Mini

Coconut Latte

On inhale you'll taste the dark notes of
traditional Italian coffee, partnered with the uniquely
sweet fusion of coconut and cream.

Cloud Mini

Piña Colada

a medley of tropical fruits with a
prominent coconut and pineapple blend, providing a
smooth and sweet escape reminiscent of the classic
beachside beverage


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