Yalla Dual Delight

  • Equipped with a 550 mAh battery
  • Dual Tank Device
  • Prefilled with 12 ml of e-liquid
  • Provides 20000 puffs per device
  • Available in a 20/50 mg nicotine strength and boasts a selection of 12 mixed fruit and menthol-based flavours and 2 flavour in each device.
  • Equipped with Quad Mesh Coil & LED display
  • MTL Device

Choose Your Flavour

Dual Delight

cotton candy

BLUEberry cotton candy

rich, sugary delight that mimics the airy, melt-in-your-mouth sweetness of spun sugar

burst of ripe blueberry flavor combined with the nostalgic sweetness of cotton candy for a delightful treat

Dual Delight

blue razz

blueberry mint

combination of blueberry, raspberry, and menthol flavors that creates a unique and refreshing taste that many vapers enjoy

a refreshing burst of juicy blueberries with a cool, crisp minty finish that leaves your mouth feeling invigorated

Dual Delight

peach mango

mango ice

a tropical paradise, blending juicy peaches and ripe mangoes into a sweet, fruity, and refreshing treat

combines the sweetness of ripe mangoes with a refreshing blast of menthol

Dual Delight

strawberry w. kiwi

strawberry mint

a refreshing summer blend of juicy strawberries, sweet watermelon, and tangy kiwi in every puff

sweet, juicy strawberry combined with a cool, refreshing mint that leaves your palate feeling crisp and invigorated

Dual Delight

mix berries ice

blueberry mint

a delicious blend of ripe, tangy berries combined with a cool menthol chill for a perfectly balanced fruity and refreshing experience

a refreshing burst of juicy blueberries with a cool, crisp minty finish that leaves your mouth feeling invigorated

Dual Delight

grape mint

grape cherry

a burst of sweet, juicy grapes with a cool, refreshing minty chill that leaves your mouth feeling crisp and invigorated

a juicy blend of sweet, ripe grapes and tangy cherries for a deliciously fruity and refreshing experience

Dual Delight

strawberry banana

banana ice cream

a creamy, sweet blend of ripe strawberries and smooth bananas, creating a deliciously fruity and satisfying experience

a deliciously creamy blend of sweet bananas and velvety vanilla ice cream, creating a dessert-like vaping experience

Dual Delight


cantaloupe apple

a juicy, sweet burst of fresh cantaloupe melon, offering a refreshing and fruity vaping experience

a refreshing blend of juicy cantaloupe melon combined with the crisp, sweet flavor of fresh apples for a fruity and satisfying vape

Dual Delight


MAngo Passion fruit

tender and sweet flesh of a juicy ripe mango is a taste so delightful that you will want to break out and dance

a tropical paradise, blending the sweet, juicy flavor of ripe mangoes with the tangy, exotic essence of passion fruit

Dual Delight


watermelon bubble gum

a juicy, refreshing slice of summer watermelon, delivering a crisp and sweet flavor that’s perfect for cooling off on a hot day

 a fun and fruity bubble gum with the sweet, juicy flavor of watermelon, offering a nostalgic and refreshing vaping experience

Dual Delight



Experience the bold essence of freshly brewed coffee with an aromatic touch.

like rich, creamy butterscotch candy with a smooth, buttery sweetness that melts in your mouth with every puff

Dual Delight

cherry ice

blue razz cherry

a juicy burst of sweet, ripe cherries combined with a refreshing cool menthol breeze for a perfectly balanced, invigorating vape

a tangy, sweet blend of vibrant blue raspberry and juicy cherries, offering a refreshing and fruity vaping experience


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