Yalla E-juice luxuria Range

  • Filled with 10/30 ml of e-liquid
  • Available in a 20 mg nicotine strength 
  • Available in 12 different flavors 

Choose Your Flavour

Yalla E-Juice Luxuria


Tender and sweet flesh of a juicy ripe mango is a
taste so delightful that you will want to break out and

Yalla E-Juice Luxuria

Al Cohiba

Is a full flavor Cuban cigar topped off with a hint of
soft creamy vanilla. Al Cohiba is an instant classic that
you will want by your side all day.

Yalla E-Juice Luxuria

Coffee Tobacco

Tobacco flavour with dark notes on inhale is
complemented by a roasted coffee on exhale. The coffee
gives this mix a nutty aftertaste and an overall sweetness,
for a balanced taste throughout

Yalla E-Juice Luxuria

Coconut Latte

On inhale you'll taste the dark notes of traditional
Italian coffee, partnered with the uniquely sweet fusion of
coconut and cream.

Yalla E-Juice Luxuria

Banana Ice

On the inhale, the sweet and creamy taste of ripe
Bananas greets your taste buds, followed by a wash of
refreshing Ice on the exhale to wash it all down

Yalla E-Juice Luxuria


A medley of tropical fruits with a prominent coconut
and pineapple blend, providing a smooth and sweet
escape reminiscent of the classic beachside beverage

Yalla E-Juice Luxuria


Revel in the fresh and icy flavor of cold December apples, their autumnal sweetness enhanced by the cold bite of winter!

Yalla E-Juice Luxuria

Watermelon Ice

Taste the juicy sugary ripe watermelon heightened
by a refreshing icy twist

Yalla E-Juice Luxuria


Rich and creamy taste of vanilla custard and classic

Yalla E-Juice Luxuria

Lemon Lime

Combination of lemon and lime flavors make for a
zesty and refreshing taste

Yalla E-Juice Luxuria

Peach Ice

A fruity fruit fusion that delivers the sweet, light
notes of peach and cools them down on exhale with chilly

Yalla E-Juice Luxuria

Black Ice

Flavor that combines a blackberry essence with a
minty ice


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